iPhone Trade-In Processed as Donation instead!

Anyone else have their iPhone trade-in processed as a donation?!

I submitted my iPhone 4s as a trade-in on October 4th.  Received my iPhone 6 Plus and mailed my iPhone 4s on October 24th.  The website for checking status is not working - does not recognize my submission id, telephone number or email address (any combination thereof) so I called the 1-877 customer service number and spoke with Lydia.  Lydia informed me that I incorrectly chose donate instead of trade-in. 

Um...no.  I did not.

I submitted my iPhone 4s the same time as my Galaxy SIII.  I've received my gift card for my Galaxy.

I still have the email confirmation for my 4s that reads the same as my Galaxy, "TRADE-IN CONFIRMATION"  "....YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR GIFT CARD WITHIN 4 - 6 WEEKS."

Had I inadvertently submitted my iPhone 4s as a "donation", why would my email confirmation thank me for my "trade-in" and tell me to expect my gift card?

Lydia sent my information as an "escalation" and I now have to wait another 10 - 14 days for a reply (not a gift card, a reply).  I'm wanting Verizon to honor their program, and honor my submission and send me the $200 gift card they promised for my working, undamaged, iPhone 4s.

Are other people having their trade-ins processed as donations?

Here's a screen shot of my email from Verizon:

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