iPhone trade in period

I preordered my iPhone 7 plus on 9/9 but my new phone isn't expected to arrive until later 10/5.  I ready received a box to turn in my iPhone 6 as part of the promotion.

How soon do I need to trade in my iPhone 6 by?  Read something about within 30 days of order submission which means I will be late returning my old phone by 10/9 if it is within 30 days of submission.

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Re: iPhone trade in period
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From what was explained to me by 1 store manager and also a CSR, as long as the order was placed within the rebate period you should be fine.  I'm in the same boat with m wife's 7 Plus matte black 128GB.  Ordered on release day (finally convinced her it was worth upgrading) and have a 10/26 ship date.  This was ordered in the store and we paid the installment plan on her 6 Plus off prior to doing it - after confirming that the rebate would still be valid for us.

Further, you will not have to ship your phone back until the new one arrives and is activated.