iphone 4s wont turn on at all

Hi, I have a 16 GB 4S that was working fine around noon. Then the screen stopped working completely. I know it is still on because it vibrates when I switch the button on the side. I am also still receiving text messages.

I have tried resetting it, plugging it into my computer and iTunes (it recognizes it on my computer, and I can access my music and files from the computer) but the screen stays dark. I have also turned it on and off multiple times. The only thing I have not done is a full restore, but I have music that is not backed up so I would really rather not do that unless I absolutely have to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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Re: iphone 4s wont turn on at all
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Hi chloerawksmysox,

A blank screen is no fun, I feel your pain! My son had a similar issue with his iPhone, this is what he did to bring the screen back to life: swipe the phone to unlock it, (even though screen is blank you can hear phone unlock). Then press and hold down the home button for few seconds until you hear the beep that allows you to give phone a voice command. Then press the power button on top of phone and screen may work again (it did for my son).

If the above steps do not resolve the issue you may need to explore replacement options. Is your phone within the 12 month manufacturers' warranty? Do you have insurance on your phone? Is your line or any other line in your account eligible for upgrade?

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