iphone resending deleted text messages

One of my friends contacted me today because she had received a text message from me that she had previously received over 3 weeks ago. I did not send the message because I had already deleted the text message off of my iphone.  She uses an Android phone.  How is it possible that my iphone sent a previously deleted text message weeks after originally being sent and deleted?

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Re: iphone resending deleted text messages
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Clitton, that's a great question and I would love to assist! Duplicate text messaging can be caused either by the incoming or outgoing device, so it is hard to determine which one caused the duplicate unless this happens often. Are other people receiving duplicates from you as well? Normally clearing old SMS threads from the phone will resolve this. Make sure your friend deletes old SMS also. Sometimes once SMS memory is low, it can cause this. Let me know if this is something that continues.

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