phone automatically says the call cannot be completed

My wife's Iphone 6 cant call me. we both have Iphone 6's i am the only number that she gets a call can't be completed.

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Re: phone automatically says the call cannot be completed
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Intercept message - Wikipedia

may be that helpful

Incorrect number dialed

A different intercept message is used when the caller has dialed a number the first three digits of which have not yet been assigned within that area code. This message, too, formerly varied by locality; the following was used in New York City in the 1960s:

If you are calling a number outside New York City, please dial the area code and the local number. If you are dialing a New York City number, please check the number and dial again. This is a recording. If you need assistance, please call your operator.

The standard version of this message in use today is the following:

We're sorry; we are unable to complete your call as dialed. Please check the number and dial again, or call your operator to help you.

Most of these messages often include the phrase "Your call cannot be completed as dialed." Sometimes a message would say to first dial a 1 or a 0 (the toll prefix for a trunk call) plus the area code of the called number. A message may also be played when 0 or 1 followed by an area code is prepended unnecessarily on landline phone calls to local destinations.

Re: phone automatically says the call cannot be completed
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slsspark, we want you to be able to stay in touch with your wife. When did this start? What zip code is this in?



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Re: phone automatically says the call cannot be completed
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How is she dialing you, manually entering the 7/10-digit number or dialing from a contact entry?  If from a contact entry, how was it created?  Maybe the number is in an incorrect format.

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