stock email app retransmits failed message INDEFINITELY

I recently discovered, and solved, an infuriating problem with the stock email app on the iphone 5.  My daughter, who is NOT tech savvy, is on a road trip, emailed a large file (image) to someone.  Apparently the image was sufficiently large that the transmission failed.  The stock email app apparently attempted to retransmit continuously, without her being aware of it, even when the app was closed.  After 10 days of trying to figure out how she could be using so much data (and eventually installing Onavo Count), etc. we determined that the email app was still trying to send this email from 10 days ago.  Meanwhile, we had run up 12G of overages.

Why would an email app on a phone do this? I own an android, it doesn't do that.  Is this an evil plan to get people to pay overages?  Ridiculous.

I contacted customer service to see if I could get some charges reversed ( about $50), and I was able to get only a $10 credit.  Seems like a phone software defect to me.  Caveat emptor.  Not a happy camper here.  I also understand that, even if she had been on wifi when this happened, when the iphone screen goes into sleep mode, it shuts down wifi, so it still would have been retransmitting over 4G.


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