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2 Year Contact Option?

My current contact ends on October 12. I was interested in doing another 2 year contract for $200 since my trade in value for my 6 is $215 but I don't see the option to do so online. I only have the option for monthly payments & full retail price. Do I have to wait until the end of my current contract to do another 2 year or can I go into a verizon store and do it from there right now?

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Re: 2 Year Contact Option?

You have to wait until contract expires. Also you really need to do the math. In most cases it's cheaper to go with the payment plan when considering the 2 years total payments.

Re: 2 Year Contact Option?

I don't believe that they do the old 2 year contracts (like when they subsidized phones) any longer.

Your options are

  1. Pay for the phone outright
  2. Purchase the phone on the installment plan

I know when I went to check online for my iPhone 7, I was offered the option of either paying it then or doing it on the device payment plan.  My iPhone 6 was paid off quite a while ago.  When I checked on my wife's iPhone 6 Plus, I was not offered the same options.  The reason being was I still had an outstanding balance on my device installment plan on it, so my only options were to upgrade it for the outstanding balance that would get me to the 75% mark and start a new installment plan (while turning the old phone back in), pay cash outright or pay the remainder of the installment plan and use the 6 Plus for the $649.99 rebate process.

I ended up paying out the remainder of the installment plan as by doing that and combining it with the rebate being offered ($649.99) I ended up only having to pay about $400 for a new iPhone 128GB 7 Plus.