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3 month old i5 batty problems

I upgraded from a 4 to a 5 in may progressively my battery has gotten to the point I have to charge it twice a day. I keep being told its based off my usage. However I truly mostly play my iTunes on it and can easily use 20-30% in an hour. Is this normal. Does no one else have battery problems? I don't Automatically sync emails. I set all my notifications to off I keep h screen pretty Dom and on auto dim. And I really don't have that much contention my phone. Sitting idle at night can also use 15-25% of battery and sometimes If I am actually playing a game I can watch the percentage go down.  I got the phone to replace and iPhone 4 because i was tired of always having to sure i was near a charger. My question is is this really from the amount of time I use it? Is it a bad battery? Or was the iPhone 4 battery just better?

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Re: 3 month old i5 batty problems
Customer Support

Hi amndajhnsn,

I understand your concerns regarding battery life! I am a consumer too, and I wish my phone's battery would last longer as well. You previous phone was a 3G model and technology used to connect to 4G network on your new phone tents to use a bit more battery. I personally have an extra charger at the office and one in my car to tackle battery issues. Smartphones are constantly updating applications and other features in the background and this explains why even when idle your phone can deplete your battery. Please visit this link for battery life extending tips. I would also recommend getting an extra charger and/or a power pack to ensure extra battery when you need it most.

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