3G connection problems

On my Iphone4 I have not ever had any 3G connection problems I am Ashland city,TN and beginning yesterday it connects then I get no bars and a circle at the end of the Verizon word I am not sure what's going on and I have turned off and on about ten times to no avail

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Re: 3G connection problems
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Hi elizane,

I have checked my resources and I see that no issues are reported for Ashland City. I trust that any connectivity issue you experienced has been resolved by now. If you continue to have connectivity issues please reprogram your device: dial *228>send>option 1>power off/on at end of call and test. Please keep in mind that this is a peer to peer forum and while our Social Media team monitors the posts, the best way to get immediate assistance when network issues are suspected is to call 800-922-0204 from a different line to troubleshoot your device, or send us a message on twitter at @VZWSupport.

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