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4s slowness issues

Me and my wife are feeling the real pain of stucking with a network with no options and no help and with a bad phone.

The iPhone4s, after the recent ios 7 update has gone 10 times slow in terms of opening applications, accessing contents etc. Everything is dead slow. Say i receive a call when the phone is locked, I swipe the arrow to attend the call and immediately press the Speaker icon to put the call on speaker, the screen wouldn't appear for 5 seconds at all !!! but the call will be in progress.

I wouldn't complain if any third party app is taking its own sweet time to open once I click it, but it is the iphone's very own native applications like phone book, messages etc !

How does it feel to click on the "Phone" icon and wait for 4 seconds for the keypad/phonebook to show up when I have to make an emergency call ? this phone is really testing our patience and it is only 7 months into the contract now.

The problem is very consisent, every day every time. Why would Verizone and Apple put their customers in such trouble ? !! Forget the poor indoor reception of the 3G signal of verizon phones Smiley Sad

We're not sure if this is Verizon problem or an iPhone problem and what to do to rectify this nonsense

Makes me hate this network and our decision to switch to this network!!!

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Re: 4s slowness issues

i feel the same way about changing carriers. luckily my contract is up in April. unfortunately, I've suffered for almost 2 years. Just recently I am having some of the problems you are complaining about.

Don't bother to try the chat option. all operators are always busy. maybe because their "service" is sadly misnamed. And today, I cannot make or receive calls, open emails or safari--it's like I am networkless. but my father (on same acct) has service.

another extremely irate Verizon customer/victim