Alarm Issues
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Has anyone else noticed any issues with their alarm not sounding occasionally? Every week day I have two alarms set to make sure I get my kids up on time for school. Occasionally, I thought I was somehow turning off the first alarm and falling back asleep (something that isn't completely unbelievable on the nights I've only had 2 hours or less of sleep). I brushed it off as human error. This morning though I woke up before the alarm was to sound...but laid in bed waiting for it so my son wouldn't have to be awaken too early. The time it was supposed to sound passed...I looked at the phone to make sure I hadn't accidentally forgotten to turn both on. It was still showing as on....yet it never sounded the alert. The second alert (which is set about an hour later) did work as it was supposed to. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I assume it's some sort of glitch/bug but I'm wondering if a lot of people are experiencing it.

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