Anyone experiencing signal variance?

Im new to Verizon from Sprint. Purchased the iphone5 here in Denver where I live. I find it strange that the signal

dops to 1-2 bars then occasionally full strength. This surprises me for the nations biggest network but don;t

know if this is the iphone5. Also can't *228 the phone.

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Re: Anyone experiencing signal variance?

Not being able to *228 is normal for a Verizon Iphone.

In regards to signal strength varience I'm having similar issues.

I called it in and a ticket has been submitted.

My phone will drop to 1x service in my house and stay at 1x service even after I've been outside for 5 mins.

If I reset my phone while outside it jumps back to 3g service with 4 bars and stays there.

Seems like it has trouble selecting the best tower to use or polling isnt updating as fast as it should.

Re: Anyone experiencing signal variance?
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Hi stu5280,

Great to hear you've made the switch to Verizon! We want to make sure that if you're able to get the full bars that they are appearing. I want to first check if the bars going down to 1-2 bars are impacting your service or experience in any way. Please let us know if it is.

The first item to check is that your WiFi service is completely turned OFF. Occasionally it's left ON but not connected and this will impact service available for us to reach your phone. Also verify that Data Roaming is set ON so that coverage is available in all of the U.S. (Settings -> General -> Network). You also want to verify that any accessories you are using have been approved by Apple as some cases may interfere with the antenna in the device.

The ability to do *228 doesn't exist with 4G devices but the alternative is to turn off the phone, remove the SIM Card and leave out for 30 seconds. Once inserted and phone powered on, it's forced to reregister the networks. On the iPhone devices, you also have the option to reset network settings to force the registration. (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings). Please keep me posted if this resolves the trouble.

Thank you,
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