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Bad Signal Strength (Call quality)

I've been plagued by weak signal strength and call quality for a while, and I thought it was because my area had bad coverage until I looked at the signal strength from another phone when I held them side-by-side.  The signal strength of my iPhone 5S is consistently weaker than that of the iPhone 4S one of my family members has. 

When I hold both phones side by side, the 5S consistently shows 2-3 bars (around -105 dB) and the 4S consistently shows around 4-5 bars (around -80dB). Additionally, when I use apps like "CoverageMap" it shows that the call quality of the 5S is "fair," which I can confirm from real-life experience (sometimes the other person can't understand me, or sometimes I don't get calls/texts!) , and then it shows the call quality of the 4S as "good."

-Both Verizon

-Both iOS 7.1

-Both have cellular data turned off.

-Both plugged in, 100%

-Both Wifi on.

-Both have no cases

Potential Solutions I have tried:

-Turn on air plane mode, wait 10 seconds, turn off airplane mode

-Reset network settings

-Turn phone off, then on

-Completely reset iPhone

-Remove and re-insert SIM card

-Turn iMessage off, then turn iMessage on.

None have done anything - my iPhone 5S still shows 2-3 bars (sometimes 1!) bars when the iPhone 4S still shows (4-5) bars when held side-by-side.

I would like to know if there are any ways to resolve this? Or just get a new phone?  Looking around the web, I've noticed quite a few iPhone 5S users have this same issue.  Smiley Sad

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Re: Bad Signal Strength (Call quality)

I don't have a solution but I have an iphone 5s as well and experience the same issue as you. Everyone I know and work with that have Verizon get excellent coverage but none of them have the 5s which leads me to believe the 5s does not work well on Verizon's network or that the iphone 5s has issues..i have called in and visited the store and finally a rep at the store told me that he believes I have a faulty antennae. they are overnighting a replacement phone to me and I will let you know if this solved the issue. I believe that Verizon knows there is an issue with the 5s on their network but wont admit it..there are too many people experiencing the same issue, dropped calls, robotic calls, cutting in and out etc.Im so frustrated because I Left AT&T for Verizon 2 months ago and I know Verizon has good service. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and putting the blame on my 5s since everyone I know with Verizon service has no issues. My son has the galaxy 4 and does not have this issue.I will post when I get to test the replacement phone out but you should visit a Verizon store and request a replacement also. hope this helps!

Re: Bad Signal Strength (Call quality)

We have the same issues with an Apple I phone and a basic Cosmo. Good quality except in our apartment on the 1st floor. We are surrounded by tall building so maybe the poor reception is part of that. We are always dropping calls or cannot hear or be heard. We also miss text messages and calls.  Any solutions? I am due to upgrade and thinking about a Samsung Galaxy 4 or 5 but am reluctant if the reception will be poor. Thank you in advance!