Bad customer service
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March 9th I ordered 2 new iphones and 2 $89 life proof cases from  Five days later 2 phones and 1 case arrived. I called customer service and they accused me of taking the second case since the rep claimed that the warehouse "never" makes a mistake. They said they would look into it but I could buy another case and they would ship it to me. I called Verizon again the next day and the next rep said to go to the nearest Verizon store and they would give me a new case to correct the problem. I called the south Charlotte NC store to tell them that i was coming and why and they told me NO. They were not going to give me one out of their inventory and to call Verizon customer service back. I called Verizon again and the next rep apologized and said they would sent me another case in a few days and credit the cast back to me. 7 days later still no case. I called customer service again and asked where the new case was and they said it wasn't sent. I then asked if i could just return the both phones and the one case we did receive since both were still in the box and neither had been activated. They said NO and went on to say that if I did return the 2 phones and 1 case that I would still be responsible for the full price of both phones even if they restocked and sold the phones to someone else. So now I am stuck. I bought these phone for my teenage boys. I have been a customer with Verizon for almost 9 years and I am so disappointed. If I didn't care about my credit I would send the phone back and refuse to pay a bill for property I returned but they are clearly CRIMINALS. As soon as my contract is up I will be canceling my service and not give this VERY BAD COMPANY ANOTHER DOLLAR.

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Re: Bad customer service
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As far as the phones go, if you are within the 14 days period you would not be responsible for the price of the phone. To the best of my knowledge, if you send the iPhone back UNOPENED you will not get a restock fee.

As far as the case, you would be hard pressed to prove that you received only one unless you took a video recording of opening the box. I am guessing you didn't because people normally don't. I believe that you didn't receive it but I am sure you can understand where Verizon would not believe you.