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Battery Life Issue


All of a sudden, this past weekend, my phone (iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1) has gone from over 24 hours standby life to less than 6 hours.  In fact my standby time was so impressive that I could leave the phone off a charger for nearly two days even with normal usage (for me, a phone call or two a day, receipt of push notifications and email, a txt here and there, nothing really heavy).

I did go away for the weekend and while I was away I took advantage of an iHome clock radio to charge my phone.  I also connected to a new wifi network set up at my parent's home.

At one point during the weekend I tried to get weather information and needed to turn on the location service for one of the weather apps I use.  But I've turned off all location services and that has not improved standby time at all. I even went so far as to delete a couple of apps that I had recently installed.  Again, no improvement.

Finally, this morning, I connected my phone and backed up and synced with iTunes and found that VZW had a settings update for me.  I thought, OK, maybe that would improve things.  Nope, no improvement.

So I'm asking the question, was there a change made?  How do I further troubleshoot this issue?  Or, is this now the new normal?  Seems to me 6 hours of standby is really too short a time for any mobile device.  Further, I've done a quick search of this forum and found a couple of links that harken back to the early 4S days where battery life was an issue which was resolved.  I just wanted to see if anyone else was suffering.

Any thoughts? 

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Re: Battery Life Issue
Customer Support

Hi drjamba,  Let's give you back the power!  Did this seem to start happening when you first started to use the iHome clock radio?  Are you only charging the phone with this device?  How long have you had the device?  I look forward to troubleshooting with you to get the battery life back to normal.

Thank you,

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Re: Battery Life Issue

I am having the EXACT same problem.  I started experiencing this issue immediately after I used my iHome the first time, and has been ongoing since, almost a week.  I do not charge my phone on the iHome unit, only with my Apple factory cable and USB plug adapter.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!  My phone used to go days without being plugged in, and battery life was amazing.  Now, I can't go half a day without plugging it in!