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Battery Life Suggestions - Post Your Tips

Starting this thread to see what others do to help improve their battery life on iPhone devices. I'm using an iPhone 6 and constantly make tweaks / changes to improve my battery life to get the most out of my smartphone. Here are some of my tips. What do you do on your iPhone to help with battery life?

  • Turn on Low Power Mode (Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode) - this of course auto pops up on the screen when it hits 20 & 10 % battery
  • Turn off locations services all together or at least move to only use cellular when using the app depending on the application (Settings > scroll down to the app in question and select the app > location > Never or While Using this App or Always
  • Turn on Airplane mode anytime I don't need to use cellular (rarely do I use this but it helps depending on the situation)
  • Monitor my battery usage closely (Settings > Battery > under Battery Usage tap on individual apps to get details about on screen & background usage
  • Turn off auto-brightness and adjust my screen brightness manually (Settings > Display & Brightness > toggle off Auto-Brightness (you can adjust the screen brightness via Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and dragging the line from right to left just under the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth icons)
  • Close open apps (Double tap on the home button> flip the open apps up towards the top of the screen or on the 6s / 6s Plus models long press on the middle of the screen on the left side. This will pull up the open apps just like double tapping on the home button)
  • Turn off various settings when not in use including: Bluetooth and AirDrop (both toggled on/off via Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen)

Accessory options I used or have used in the past

  • Phone case with built in battery (Mophie worked great on my 5s)
  • Mophie type external battery pack. I take one of these with me on vacation etc. just in case

Hopefully some of the above tips that work for me with help others. Curious to hear from others in the forum on what works for you!

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Re: Battery Life Suggestions - Post Your Tips

My general advice for saving battery, for those who don't like to micromanage the phone, is to do the following:

  • Turn off "Screen on" and "Vibration" notifications for busy apps, notably Social Media applications.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of Cellular. Disable Wi-Fi Assist as well. Wi-Fi usually consumes less power comparatively to maintaining a constant data connection with the LTE network. Wi-Fi being enabled uses nominal amounts of power when it is not connected.
  • Set your screen brightness to the "Middle" portion of the slider. This allows the brightness to adjust to the environment around you, without making your phone appear as a Flashlight all the time
  • Set E-mail to use Fetch rather than Push. Push relies on Data connectivity always being present, and the phone processor has to remain awake in order to receive a push. Fetch will allow the phone to sleep more often, and only open a data channel during the times a fetch occurs.
  • Disable Background App Refresh all together.
Re: Battery Life Suggestions - Post Your Tips

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > On

Re: Battery Life Suggestions - Post Your Tips

Those are good ones! I didn't think to list the fact that I have many of my notifications turned off on the lock screen so my device doesn't keep "lighting up" all day when I receive a text, email etc. I'll add those to my arsenal.

Re: Battery Life Suggestions - Post Your Tips

Good one. That is the first thing I do when I setup an iPhone. I really don't like when reduce motion is turned on. Thanks for the response / add.