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Best way to replace a broken/cracked screen on new phone

My phone is a few months old and of course I already cracked the screen. I looked all over the internet, called Apple and was give a bunch of options. If I bring the phone to Apple to be repaired they will charge $250. I might be able to have the phone fixed in an Apple store but that depends on how bad the damage is.  Apple then advised me to contact Verizon, which I haven't officially done but I bet I know the answer and price range. Now if I did the repair myself, I wind up saving an avg $100.  Does anyone know of any good wholesalers or retailers that sell the replacement kit at a fairly cheap price? Is eBay/ Amazon or any of the online stores worth the savings? I'm pretty sure I can replace the screen on my own but that doesn't include warranties like Apple, Verizon, or any repair shop would. So I guess my 2 questions are; is it worth doing it yourself and if so any suggestions on where to go to find good quality, affordable parts.  Thanks.


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Re: Best way to replace a broken/cracked screen on new phone

But if you do it yourself your risking your warranty and if you haven't had the experience on phone repair you could damage it beyond working order) Check out ifixit they have the best info on tear downs but still if your a novis at repairs then it best to let the professional handle the repair)  If you have any insurance coverage it doesn't hurt to ask if it'll cover the Damage I'm not Guaranteeing it will but it still doesn't hurt to ask the Rep you talk to I would try and ask a manager if one is available..

Good Luck..