Beware! Verizon Trade & Upgrade Event Scam Alert

Do not be fooled into renewing a 2-year contract by the Verizon Wireless Trade & Upgrade Event like I was.

I purchased a new iPhone 5s because I would be break even with the $200 Verizon Wireless promised to give me for trading in my iPhone 4s.

However, Verizon paid almost $100 less, with no reason given on the gift card email, or the status page on their website.

I Worte an email over 10 business days ago, and I called over 7 business days ago. The email has gone unanswered, and the phone call was futile as I never received the promised return call.

The iPhone 4s I sent them had been replaced under Apple Care, and it was only a few weeks old. It was in perfect condition. I took photos to document (which I plan to include in my complaint against Verizon Wireless with the Florida Attorney General's office).

I am very unhappy with Verizon Wireless' unfair tactics in refusing to pay the agreed upon amount for a phone that was 100% perfect and had all the data wiped (including find my iPhone).

I am offended and insulted by the complete lack of communication and professionalism demonstrated by the complete lack of response by Verizon Wireless when I brought this matter to their attention in writing and over the phone.

I would strongly recommend an alternative to using Verizon Wireless' Trade & Upgrade Event, and I intend to follow up on this matter through all means at my disposal to ensure that Verizon Wireless does not continue to profit from its fraudulent behavior.

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Re: Beware! Verizon Trade & Upgrade Event Scam Alert
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Sorry to hear about this. You should have sold it on eBay and fetched at least $200...