Call forwarding/number share issue
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Hoping someone here has a solution for me, I have spoken with Verizon help, keep waiting for a tier 2 person to get back to me. 

Short issue, my calls are being spontaneously forwarded to another number without my permission or any settings changes on my account.   I have use *73, *920, etc, it works for a few days and then happens again.  

What I think the issue is starts about 10 months ago. I tried to purchase an Apple Watch, it was assigned a telephone number for number share, but I ended up canceling the transaction and never received nor activated the watch.  A few months ago I suddenly stopped receiving calls, my work vendors, family, and friends all told me that someone else was picking up the line when they called me.   I do not have call forwarding enabled on my phone, I don’t have a second device, I don’t even use FaceTime or anything else that would require the use of my phone number or plan.  I found out that the number receiving my calls was the phone number assigned to that Apple Watch six months prior.   I got hold of Verizon who simply said to *73 my phone to deactivate any potential call waiting, even though it was not activated on my account in the first place.   The call forwarding did stop for about three months.  Just before Christmas it happened again, my friend couldn’t reach me and notified me.   The person she spoke to on the other number called her back to see what was going on, from the number that had been assigned to the watch.  

I went to the Verizon store last week, obviously none of the reps in the store could help so I called customer service helpdesk from the store directly.   A ticket was issued and I was told it would be resolved, my mistake I did not get the ticket number.  The person I spoke to last week at Verizon indicated that the phone number had been issued and then canceled back in September and then recently re-issued last week. This coincides with all of my call forwarding problems.

I don’t believe this is a call forwarding problem,  I am certain it’s an obscure number share setting, either with the phone number that was on the watch or with possibly the watch itself, even though I never received or activated it.   But I can’t get a hold of anybody to help me. This is impacting my job if I can’t receive calls from vendors with questions or problems.

Has anybody else ever experienced anything like this?

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