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Can't access VM on *86

I can see and play several old VM on my phone but cannot play them calling *86.  Any reason why?  Can play another of about the same age.  I want to transfer the old VM using SaveThatCall service.  Any other options from iPhone 4S?  Apparently basic visual VM not applicable to iPhone that I can see.

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Re: Can't access VM on *86
Customer Support

Help is right here, front and center domerdoc. Let's get you access to your basic voice mail. May I ask what error message, if any, are you getting when you call *86 from your iPhone? Are you able to access your voice mail when calling your mobile number form another device? While we do not support 3rd party voice mail archival, there is a company that can extract your voice mail and have them saved for you. The name of the company is CBW anf their number is 800-770-8046 or 877-244-3222. Their website is 

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Re: Can't access VM on *86

Hey domerdoc, we meet again!

The reason you can access the voicemail on your phone and not by calling *86 is because the iPhone has the ability to store messages that are no longer on Verizon's voicemail system.

When you receive a voicemail message, it goes to Verizon's voicemail system, then gets pushed down to your iPhone.  Usually, the messages are in-sync between your phone and the voicemail system.  However, as you have experienced, they can become out-of-sync.

One example of this is when you 'Delete' a message on your iPhone.  When this happens the message is deleted from Verizon's system and moved to the 'Deleted Messages' section on your iPhone. 

If you were to 'Undelete' this message on your iPhone, it would go back into your regular voicemail inbox on your iPhone, but it WILL NOT go back onto Verizon's voicemail system.  The same thing happens with messages that 'expire' off of Verizon's voicemail system.

I hope that helps you understand why you you have access to different messages from your iPhone than you do via dialing *86.



P.S. - If you didn't see my other post about how to save iPhone voicemails, you should check it out here.

Re: Can't access VM on *86
Super User
Super User

The iPhone voicemail doesn't go through the Verizon Wireless voicemail system. It goes through Apple's system.

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