Can't hear people on phone calls

Asking this question for my sister. She has an iPhone 4s. Recently when makes calls people can't hear her on the phone. She can hear them but can't hear her.

Took to apple and tested all the microphones and they work on face time and videos. They want us to reset phone since think is a software issue. Going to try this after backup. Also to restore as a new phone. If this fails her upgrade isn't until nov. Would she be able to get an early upgrade since apple couldn't fix phone. They would replace it with a 4 s again for 199 which isn't worth it.

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Re: Can't hear people on phone calls
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I'm not a Verizon rep but they do want to keep our business. I'm surprised to hear that the 4s would be 199 to replace. The phone is free for new customers. I know it's dang hard to be patient with new phones coming out every few months, but I would try to wait it out. My wife has the 4s and is doing fine with it for a year and a half. My guess is the resets will fix it.

Re: Can't hear people on phone calls
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I'm sorry to learn that your sister's phone is not working properly Drew64! Apple is the manufacturer and if they offered to replace for $199, that sounds like a good deal considering that  the iPhone 4S retail price is $449. I understand that she is not currently eligible for a regular upgrade; however, she may qualify for our Edge Upgrade program or our Device Payment Program if she wants to get a different model.

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