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Connection issues

Here's my problem. About a week ago my iphon4 4s started dropping calls, roaming and showing no service. I contacted verizon (level 2) and received a call back last night. Apparently I'm on the edge of verizons service area which is why my connections don't always work. Also learned that as verizon add's customers it degrades my connection. Oh joy!

What I was offered: 100 dollar off a signal repeater for inside my house since that is where my connection issues are. Would still cost me 149.00 + I'm sure tax on the total amount so probably somewhere between 175+ 200.Sounded good initially.

Then I decided I've been with verizon multiple years with multiple phones and never had this issue. I already pay top prices for monthly bills, I haven't changed what I've done, Verizon has changed what they're able to provide. I moved from sprint and payed a early disconnect fee when I started having dropped calls, connect issues. Verizon has had excellent service up until the past week but am I willing to put up with issues now? I might as well have sprint and pay a monthly bill that would be 50.00 less.  I will be out of contract with my phone in a few months. I have options while verizon talks about putting up a new tower in 6-12 months.  I've decided against paying for the repeater. (I only have until the end of the year to get the discount) If I'm going to have connection issues I might as well pay less for them.

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