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Contacts Disappeared

Around 12pm eastern time today all my contacts list started to act strange. My favorite list only has numbers, no name or photo. My main list has no contacts at all. My text messages also only have a phone number without any name or picture. No damage at all to the phone- no cracks, water damage, droppage, nothing. I have never had any issue with the phone till my last update of 12.0 then my ringer will sometimes sound all funny like its skipping, but that is it. It is requested to do another update but unsure if I should.

Please just explain what could possibly be going on. I have turned off the phone and restarted without any changes.

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Re: Contacts Disappeared
Super User
Super User

Are your contacts associated with an email account or your Apple ID? Does anyone else have access to your contacts?

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Re: Contacts Disappeared
Verizon Employee

Jennie Allen, I have not memorized a contact in years, so I know how important that contact list is. We are here to work toward a resolution. Ann154 asked some great questions that will help us get to the bottom of this problem. We would like to gather more information to start with. Which cloud service are your contacts backed up to? Are you able to browse the web and use apps to ensure the phone has a data connection?


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