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Data Usage I can't Explain..PLEASE HELP!!

I got my first line in November of last year..I got an iPhone...I added a line in May of this year and got a Windows phone..I've never gotten any alerts on my data usage..I live in a home that has where it's WiFi..This past month/billing cycle, I have used more data than ever. Both lines are on wifi about 80% of the time. I don't understand why data charges are used if you are in a home with wifi. I've never really looked at the detailed data usage because I've never gone over or even gotten close to the limit..What would cause it to charge against the wifi? I've called Verizon and spoken with two different techs and they told me to turn my phone off occasionally to stop apps from running in the background..Please help!!

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Re: Data Usage I can't Explain..PLEASE HELP!!
Customer Support

     Have no fear, help is here! Let's partner together and get this data mystery solved. Let's start with what data plan do you have on your account? Also, how many lines do you have on your account? Some of the most popular functions that use a lot of data is video streaming, internet radio, and app/software updates. If any of these functions were done recently then we can start our investigation there. I'm looking forward to your reply.

Thank you...

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