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Data Usage

I recently transferred my iphone 's from a corporate account to personal account.  I selected the 2gb plan since I rarely use my phone when not connected to wifi.  It's been less than a month and I've already used up all my data.  When I did an analysis of where most of it went, it had 40% videos and 20% web and apps.  I never watch videos on my iphone and I don't have any any apps other than Chick-Fil-A on my phone.  Has anyone had a similar experience with data usage on LTE?  It just doesn't make sense.

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Re: Data Usage

You don't go by the analysis. You go by what your device actually says. Also did you turn off wi-fi assist? Also using more data is not unusual. if ou went form 2 Gb to 200 GB then maybe that would be something. Verizon is not adding data and has no reason to. If you feel that way switch carriers

Re: Data Usage
Customer Support

It’s critical to match the plan with your needs, dwcowan43. This is a great place to get some expert help. We want to be sure we understand what’s going on. Please share more details about how you were using the phone when it was on the corporate account. To find more detail about what apps are using the data, you can click on settings, then cellular, then the cellular data section will show usage app by app. This may help shed more light on what’s using the data. At the end of that list, look for an option for “Wi-Fi Assist.” To ensure you conserve the most cellular data, this option should be set to “off.” Please let us know if this information is helpful.



Re: Data Usage

@dwcowan43 wrote:

I don't have any any apps other than Chick-Fil-A on my phone. 

Every icon on your iPhone is an app. There are MANY pre-populated apps on EVERY iPhone. iTunes, iMessage, iCloud, find my iPhone, etc... are ALL examples of apps which are on your phone. There are many others. Even the "App Store" is an app on your phone.