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Data usage for map

how much i data is used for 6 hour trip using turn to turn apple map?

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Re: Data usage for map

Apple maps supposedly uses much less data than google maps (70-80% less).   Over 6 hours it could still be considerable.

SOme users like Waze, which does off line turn by turn.

ANother tip below is old, refering to iOS 6 on apple.

Gps does not use any data. What does use data is the downloading of the maps in certain apps that you use such as the old os5 maps and the new os6 maps app. But since apples new maps app is vector based it shouldn't use that much data. If your really trying to stretch your data then you can cache your whole trip.

1. open maps app at home on wifi

2. zoom in to however close you prefer

3. pan all the way to your destination

4. dont close the maps app in the background

when you wake up in the morning it should be good and ready to go. Or you can do this in the morning to save some stress....

Re: Data usage for map

I recently had to use my maps for an extended period of time while on vacation; guessing around 10+ hours and under settings>usage I'm showing it used 395MB or .38GB. To me that isn't a lot, but it could considered a lot if say you only have 1 or 2GB of data each month.

Re: Data usage for map
Customer Support

Eunibi, we want to provide you with the turn by turn directions to ensure that you don't get lost. Sorry, we're unable to guestimate how much data your device will use on a 6 hour road trip. That application will initally access your data allowance when retrieving the directions. However, it won't access your data allowance again unless you stray from your route. Once you stray from your route, your device will sync to our network reroute your directions. I hope that this information is helpful.

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Re: Data usage for map

I Used Apple maps while in Canada because it uses less data than Googlee maps.  5 days driving around, used less than 100 MB.