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Did NOT order an iPhoneX but got email saying I did .. is there a fraud scheme/scam going on right now?

I am out of the country right now. Don't want one, don't need one but I got an email saying my order for one was shipped (from 'Soul Electronics') with a tracking # .. then, shortly afterward, a Verizon email saying thanks for my order and that I should see my Confirmation Letter .. which I can't find to see if it is about what looks to be a scam!

The email I got purportedly from Soul Electronics seemed to be replying to an email that LOOKED like it was from me - but I know it was NOT - and the tracking number given could not be 'found' as yet on USPS so not sure if it is real or fake too. I did NOT click on anything in the original emails - went to USPS myself and typed in the so-called tracking number then when the Verizon email arrived shortly after that, I manually came here rather than even click on the link in that email to get to the Confirmation letter. I cannot find a 'confirmation letter' or any 'orders' on my account here.

The name of the person replying to me from Soul Electronics was Augustus Principe and the area code given is 675 (for supposedly both his office and fax phones). which is PAPUA, NEW GUINEA!

My worry is that, even if I am not scammed into paying for an iPhoneX that someone else ordered in my name if they even did that, someone actually is going to use my Verizon account to sign up for services somehow and try to make me pay for at least those.

Again .. I put in NO order for an iPhoneX .. I did NOT order a change in my service/plans, etc. ..  but that email from Verizon at least looked 'normal' and I nearly clicked on the link till I realized perhaps it was even phony. Where/how do I report this and find this Confirmation Letter that supposedly exists but to which I can no link on my account online? I have to do it by email or online right now - phone rarely used and is being charged .. can be used from here but the # direct to Verizon doesn't work here, can't find a 'support number' on the site any more, and I can't see how to invoke the 'CHAT' button I often see there and have used before.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Did NOT order an iPhoneX but got email saying I did .. is there a fraud scheme/scam going on right now?
Customer Support

We definitely understand how alarming it can be to receive this type of email especially when you are out of the country. Please allow us to further investigate the details as your account security is our top priority. Just to clarify, the email confirmation you received for this iPhone X order, is it stating that the purchase was made from Verizon or “Soul electronics”? Also, we want to make sure we are able to dig deeper into the details for this order, please contact our global support team 908-559-4899 using your VZW device to be able to investigate this matter further. If you are unable to contact from your VZW device please follow this link to locate the toll-free number for the country you are in to be able to contact us if you are using a landline device. For additional online support please reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook if available.




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