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Does my Factory Unlocked iPhone X work internationally?

I have called verizon about 6 times now and about half of the customer support says it will work no problems and some say I will be charged a lot extra on our bill. Anyone know a definite answer to this?

P.S - We will be traveling to Bonaire and Bermuda

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Re: Does my Factory Unlocked iPhone X work internationally?

It’s going to cost extra.  How much depends how much you plan on using your phone,  if you get a local sim in each place, or a travel pass through Verizon

You can go without a plan, disable data roaming, and just pay per use text messages.  This is what I do, it cost me 50¢ per sent text and I use hotel Wifi.  Only cost me about $25 or less for a week.  If you enable Wifi calling, you can text or call over Wifi to home for free.  


Re: Does my Factory Unlocked iPhone X work internationally?

Yes, the phone will definitely be able to work in those places, your bill amount would depend on which international plan option (if any) you choose to have during the trip and how much you use the phone 

The Verizon trip planner can help you choose the plan based on your usage so you don’t have billing surprises-

Re: Does my Factory Unlocked iPhone X work internationally?
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Having a working phone while you're away from home is essential. I'm sorry you reached out to us multiple times and you received conflicting answers. This isn't the experience we want you to have with us and I'm confident I can provide you the information you need for your upcoming trip. mama23dogs and deloused provide a great link to get started with finding the best international option for you for the lowest cost. Let's gather some more details. Is your iPhone X currently active on your account? What services are you planning on using while you're in Bonaire and Bermuda?




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