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Excessive Data Usage

My wife an I both have the iphone 4s.  My monthly data usage is around 400 mb however my wifes phone is a 2 GB each month.  She is a lite user all around so there must be a setting that is causing it.

Only thing I can think of is that she uses a sport app that tracks her excercies walks - I know that often drains the battery but would it increase data usage?

Any other ideas?


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Re: Excessive Data Usage

I have had a similar problem. My iPhone gets used a fraction of what my wife's iPhone gets used. She is always browsing social networks, iMessaging, etc. I occasionally check those, and use maps sometimes. most of the time I am around WiFi. I have used over 4gigs of data this billing cycle (which has only been 13 days). She had also streamed CNN-Live for most of the day on her phone while traveling during a storm, she only used almost 2 gigs.

I am usually fine with upping my data 2gigs every once and a while, but this is the second time I have had to up it to 8gigs for a billing period. This has made us extremely upset, and Verizon acted like this is a normal thing the last time I called in.

I deleted all of the apps off of my iPhone to try to circumvent this data problem (hypothesis still pending), but it is taking away from the sole purpose of having a smartphone.


Re: Excessive Data Usage

My daughter's iphone 4s is doing the same thing. She has only has it 3 months and after the ios update, it chews through tons of is at 5 gigs so far this billing cycle. I have been to verizon 4 times, apple store twice and everyone acts like they have never heard of this and they don't offer any assistance or explanation other than telling me to up our data or put a cap on my daughter's usage.  She is only 13 and only has 5 apps on her phone, so I can't believe that they are saying she is using this much data. She uses Facebook and occasionally Instagram and Twitter, but never streams video or anything that should suck data.  I am so frustrated at this point because Verizon has no interest in helping us figure out the problem. Last time I checked, I am paying them a ton of money every month...I would think that would include some kind of customer service. I am going in today to see if they will swap out phones for an Android device for her. I am not willing to up our data to 10 gigs this month to keep from going over...ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Thanks for letting me share my experience!