Force use of data plan

I know exactly how you feel.  I think Verizon Wireless and the other carriers have an oligopoly and collude on how they can keep charging their customers more.  What if I wanted to use the internet only in the areas where there is a free WiFi?  When I worked the numbers, even if I get a huge discount on the phone itself, paying for the phone ($100), the upgrade fee (+$30), a protective cover (+$30), and pay the data plan (+$30/mo), I am paying in two years about double than if I bought the phone at retail and did not have the data plan.  Sounds like crap to me.  Since the other carriers are forcing the same thing, not a fun market for the customer.  Doesn't feel like fair competition to me.  Outside of swallowing this crap or sticking to my old phone, I am open to hear other reasonable alternative solutions.

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