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Group text with non-ios devices are blocked

I have had this problem since I switched to this phone. I have tried multiple times to get help from Verizon, but never get anywhere.
It is now becoming a big issue when I need to go help someone or a team needs my help.

I have an iPhoneX with the latest iOS. There are no issues with the phone except for this.

If there is an android phone in the group text, the text will fail to send. I can send to the one android alone, one iphone alone and multiple iPhones.
Why? Because of the iMessage network. Same thing vice versa - I cannot get messages from Group text if there is an android. Typically Samsungs.

SMS and MMS and group texting settings are all on.
The phone has been resetted more ways than one.

I see that many people have this issue, but do not see a fix.
All I am asking is for someone in Verizon wireless look at the Account setup to make sure that the account does not have a restriction or policy restrictions as it appears to have been a number owned by a company.  I am concerned that the account was not cleaned up and restrictions are still active.  Everyone else in the group has iphones and droids, and mine is the only one having this issue for six months now. 

Please - the website, the phone chats, everything have been no help.

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Re: Group text with non-ios devices are blocked
Customer Support

Having access to text with a group of loved ones is crucial, and we would love to help with your options. Please tell us, did you try to turn off iMessage off? Do you have an issue with one number using Android in specific or all Android with Samsung devices?



Re: Group text with non-ios devices are blocked

I don't exactly know what Eric or Austin did, but Eric said he change something in the network and to power off with wifi off and to leave wifi off when the phone was back on.  I was able to send group text and receive group text from non-ios phones.  Is like Xmas.  thank you