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HELP!! iPhone 4s wont receive or send calls, SMS text, iMessage

     So right before the update came out my iPhone 4s started acting funny with texts. All I had to do was turn my iMessage off. However, when I got the update everything went downhill. My iMessage wouldn't stay off so texts wouldn't come in or send. My service was perfectly fine, but the message would "get stuck" so to would show it's sending the message, but right at the end it would just stop then eventually not send at all, even a regular SMS message. Also, I wouldn't get texts until like hours later and all at the same time.

     I got so frustrated with it that I took it into a Verizon store a couple days ago and they told me to completely reset it and then restore it. I did and it didn't work. So I went back in the next day and since I'm covered he ordered me a new replacement 4s. That one took forever to activate and when I restored it from my old iPhone it worked for a minute then stopped. So I went back in and stayed in there for THREE HOURS trying to figure it out.

     The Verizon guy ended up making it worse because now my phone has no service or the 1X service. I don't know what 1X is, but whenever my phone is on that I can't do anything - no calls, texts, or internet. So they did another factory reset on that phone and I didn't restore my old info on it because I thought maybe that was the problem. Nope, it did the same thing.

     The guy "helping" me at Verizon told me I just needed to get one of the 5's but I don't have an upgrade for a year. Of course he just wanted to sell me something. I said no because they should be able to fix my 4s because I know a lot of people who have a 4s with the update with Verizon that aren't having a problem. So they called customer service and a lady tried to help us, but I was so tired I just went home when she said to factory reset it yet again.

     So I have no idea what to do at this point, but I'm very frustrated and I need it fixed ASAP.

     Does anyone know how to help?!?!?!?

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Re: HELP!! iPhone 4s wont receive or send calls, SMS text, iMessage
Customer Support

Oh my goodness, mstarnes! I'm sorry you are going through this with your phone. I agree, let's see what needs to be done to fix this instead of pushing you for an upgrade.
I know you were tired, but did you attempt another reset? Is the phone activated and working at this point? If not, send me a message so we can figure this out.

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