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Has my wife's phone been hijacked? Weird Data Spikes Happening

My wife and I are on the same Verizon data plan. Most months we never go over our alloted amount of data. But this month we got the warning we were almost out of data with over two weeks still left to go in the month. Very unusual. I checked the usage on the site and all the data spikes are on my wife's iPhone. She insists she's not doing anything different than she's ever done, but she did say her phone is doing weird things, like going dark when she opens an app, getting weird pop-ups, battery dying quickly, etc. 

I called Verizon Support and all they seem to be able to tell us is that over 50% of the data she's using is for videos. Yet she insists she's not watching videos or using FaceTime any more than she normally does. Also, when I look at her data usage you can see when the big chunks of data are being used and it's usually in the middle of the night or very early morning hours when she's usually asleep. Very odd!

She thinks her phone might have been hijacked by a malicious app or software and that somebody is hacking into our data. When I called Verizon and asked about this they said that cannot happen. That their data network is secure and can't be breeched in that way. But I did a search on if iPhones can be hijacked and it seems they can be (although Android phones are apparently more vulnerable). 

Is Verizon giving us the runaround here? We can't figure out how this data is being used and Verizon can't seem to tell us anything other than it's from videos. That's not real helpful.

Any advice on how to best solve the problem? I looked at the data use on her phone for her apps and Facebook is using by far the most data (over 16 GB for this period). Every other app seems relativvely normal in terms of usage. My wife says she rarely uses Facebook. Oh, and her phone is connected to WiFi both at home and at work (I checked to make sure).

Anyway, not sure what else we can do here to figure out why our data usage has spiked so dramatically this month. Oh, my wife has an iPhone 6 and it's probably on its last legs. Would a failing phone cause data spikes?

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

Thank you,



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Re: Has my wife's phone been hijacked? Weird Data Spikes Happening
Master - Level 1

The phone itself can tell you exactly which apps are using data and how much. No need to ask Verizon. All that info is right on the phone. Also when Verizon reports data usage it when the tower reports it to Verion not when the data is actually used though sometimes they are at the same time. 

Re: Has my wife's phone been hijacked? Weird Data Spikes Happening
Customer Service Rep

HugoMarinko, we appreciate your efforts to resolve your data usage issues and I'm sorry to hear that you have not received a resolution after working with previous representatives. Help is here. The details you've provided are helpful and I'm confident that we'll be able to get to the bottom of your data usage issues. Has your wife made any recent changes to her phone? Have there been any recent changes to your home Wi-Fi? Are you able to confirm that your wife's iPhone 6 has the latest iOS updates as shown here: Looking forward to hearing back.