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Horrible camera after upgrade to 7.0.3 plus other issues

Dear Apple,

I recently upgraded to the 7.0.3 version and I can honestly say "it sucks!"  I'm not excited to use my phone and I'm ready to change it to another brand or throw it into the ocean!  The camera takes awful pictures.  I used to love taking pictures at night where it would be extremely clear...and now...when I take pictures at night, it's so grainy and the quality is so awful, I'm truly embarrassed. 

Here are a few other items that are a downgrade after an upgrade!

1.  The background on messages is all gray and the fonts are in white!  It's so bright and difficult to see!  It actually gives me a headache!  This needs some darker lettering.  Lighter lettering might be okay on a large screen like on a laptop or Mac, but to put that on a small iPhone 4s?  Common!  It hurts the eyes!

2. In messages:  the bubbling with each message is great, but when you move up or down, the bubbles move!  Makes me feel sick.  I don't even get motion sickness when I ride in a boat or backwards in a car...but the iPhone 4s literally makes me feel like vomiting and gives me headaches. 

3.  The calculator looks like a joke.  It doesn't look substantial.  The lettering is thin and it looks like a toy... The colors are a bad choice and it doesn't look as good as the previous calculator. 

4.  Safari- SUCKS!  Its more difficult to search on the web!  The search screen is not effective.  It actually takes longer to just search something.  And the back/forward commands on the bottom is a joke. 

5.  The Camera app...another downgrade!  The flash doesn't go off at the right time.  The commands on the camera are more difficult to use. 

6.  Forwarding texts on messaging is such a run around.  Who would of known to erase a simple message you have to go into "other"?

Please fix!  I'm about to change phones!  The new 7.0.3 upgrade is a toy...very annoying.


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