How to retrieve photos deleted from iCloud?

I recently changed my cell to iPhone6. I backed up all my files ( including photo album) on my old phone in iCloud. After I had restored everything in my new phone ( was able to see my all my photos), I deleted the photo album in iCloud. I was informed that I would have 30 days to download my photos. I did not pay attention to it because I thought I had downloaded everything to the new phone during the "restore" process.  However, exactly after 30 days, all my old photos disappeared from my new iPhone 6. I am wondering how I could retrieve my old photos and what I should do in the future to download all photos to my new phone if I ever change a new phone again. Thanks!

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Re: How to retrieve photos deleted from iCloud?
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Congrats on getting a new phone! Its always exciting to be able to play with something new. iCloud is a service provide by Apple. I would highly recommend contacting them directly to see how to recovery your missing pictures. They can be reached at: 800-692-7753

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