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IPhone 5 No Service "Searching..."

The past 3 weeks my IPhone 5 has been losing cell service more and more. The only fix was to turn it on and off at least 6 times till service was restored and my phone has been getting exponentially worse as time goes on. Here are somethings I have done already to try to fix this problem: Restarted phone "Failed" went to Verizon store and the manager said, "I would have to buy a new phone". Went to the Apple store and Genius, Hard restarted my phone "Failed". Went on Forms and everyone is having this same problem so I know its not on my end since my phone doesn't have a single scratch on it nor have I ever dropped it. I would contact Verizon support but I cant call them since I have no service. IT'S CRUCIAL that I get the service that I am paying for since I am in the Military and I need to be able to have people contact me at all times. ANY IDEAS??

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Re: IPhone 5 No Service "Searching..."
Super User
Super User

Have you replaced the SIM card?  You can get a new one free at a corporate Verizon store - if they try to charge you, it's not a corporate store.  You can also have one mailed to you by calling Customer Service.

Simply removing and re-seating the current SIM may work too - it could just be getting a bad connection.