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If you get an incoming call from a phone number in Jordan, DO NOT ANSWER

I received a call from [removed].  This appears to be much worse than just a scam call. I was asleep when my cellphone rang. I answered and heard a conversation in English between a man and a woman who had foreign accents. When I realized that neither party could hear me, I hung up. Then I checked my recent calls, and it shows one incoming call from this international number, but it also shows one outgoing call (which I did not place) to the same number. About ten minutes later, I received an alert from Verizon suggesting alternatives for cheaper international call rates. It's about 2 am here, so I have to wait until morning to discuss this with Verizon, but I suspect they are going to stick me with a very expensive bill that I won't be allowed to dispute. If the incoming call had occurred during business hours, I most likely would have noticed the country of origin and not answered in the first place, so I suspect that an important part of this scam is to call people when they are most likely asleep.


Phone number removed as required by the Verizon Terms of Service

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Re: If you get an incoming call from a phone number in Jordan, DO NOT ANSWER
Customer Support

So sorry to hear about the unwanted call in the middle of the night, DLinSF. I totally understand why this would be confusing and I'm happy to help out. To clarify, receiving a call (even one that originates in another country) would not result in extra charges. Receiving a call would also not result in your phone placing an outbound call without your interaction either. If needed, here's more on how to block numbers: If you should need further review, check the Private Note we have sent.