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Increased in Dropped calls

I was recently May 2014 upgraded to Iphone5 by the insurance company, due to 4s issue.  Since then I have experienced a large number of dropped calls.  As recently as last week I had 8 dropped calls in one phone call.  I've had more dropped calls in the last two months then I have had the entire 11 years that I have been with verizon.  This issue is very irritating and I am truly considering finding another carrier.  I have tired all the factory resets that have been suggested on line with no relief.  Most of my dropped calls happen within my home, where the phone consistently bounces from the LTE to 1X network.  I never has this issue within my home with the previous phones.  I have lived in the same house for the last 4 yrs.  Has there been a solution found for this issue?  

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Re: Increased in Dropped calls
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to learn of the service issues you are having with your phone Nette2! You mentioned that you have done factory reset and the issues continue. Try resetting the connection to the network and test: power off>remove SIM card for one minute>insert SIM card>power on. If issues continue try replacing the SIM card at any Verizon Wireless store (free) and test.

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