Iphone 4 to 5s

I have an iphone 4, more everything loyalty plan 4gig data. $98.02 billing.

My 2 year contract is up and my account says I'm eligible for an upgrade.

I want to upgrade to an iPhone 5s,

First would I still have my portable hotspot without any extra costs?

what kind of discount will I get for my eligible upgrade?

What would my bill end up being?

And what if anything would change??

Any help appreciated

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Re: Iphone 4 to 5s
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You can see all those answers by going to your My Verizon page and putting an iPhone 5s in your basket. If you are on a plan that is no longer currently offered by Verizon and you take advantage of upgrade pricing, you may lose that plan and be forced to upgrade to a plan currently offered.