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Iphone 5s and "forced data useage"

Hi all,

I was an android guy for years but finally went for an iphone 5s this time around and signed up with Verizon for the new $45 plan. Unltd Text, talk, and 250MB of data or AKA "The Wifi Only Plan." I came from metro PCS and enjoyed the same deal, but now I get with a better carrier with better coverage. I am fine with a low data amount plan because I have wifi at home and work. But this iphone 5s is forcing me to use data and I believe that it is not fair and want a rep to chime in on this situation. Some of the points may be able to be fixed on my end - so let me know how, but i think most are in a catch 22.

1) Most importantly... Voicemail. I go to the voicemail icon on my phone and if my cellur data is disabled... then I can not reach it. This forces me to turn on my data just to fetch voicemail which is a basic service and should be inclusive into my unlimited voice portion of the plan. Is there a way in the iphone 5s to get around this?

2) iMessage. This is sent across the data line of the carrier. I have had a few problems sending and receiving messages iphone to iphone because I have supposedly turned the data feature to iMessage off. Not good, not reliable service.

3) System Services. Eventhough it is only KBs of data it is still my data pool and should not have to pay for the auto system services that run on the phone. If I can control this on Iphone, lemme know where, but it seems that if I turn my data on for my phone these will auto send and receive data to where as individual apps I can block.

Also is there a data warning text I can receive when I get close to my monthly alotment?

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Re: Iphone 5s and "forced data useage"
Sr. Member

I'm not a rep, but ....

1. Dial *86 instead of using the built in Visual Voice Mail.

2. Don't use iMessage. Unassociate your device with iMessage. Turn it off and just use SMS.

3. You can't change that.  And as you noted, it doesn't use much data.

Yes.  Log in to your My Verizon account you can set data alerts.