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Iphone 5s wont activate

My wife purchased an iphone 5s 16gb from a friend. IMEI check shows "Congratulations your device works on the verizon wireless network," I went and got a brand new sim card from a verizon store today, put it in, turned on the phone, went through the set up, would get me to the welcome to your iphone screen, click next, it goes to the home screen for half a second and clears it out to the "hello" screen stating activation required. Try again and it says the apple activation server is temporarily unavailable, which it is. I got online and checked. I spoke with 4 Apple representatives who assured me this was a verizon issue. I spoke with 4 verizon representatives, 3 customer service who kept saying call #832, if I could get to the home screen I could do that, but I cant. the tier 2 tech team member talked to me like i had no idea what I was talking about which frustrated me. They assured me this is not their issue. When I remove the sim card, I am able to log into my icloud on my wifi and it goes through the motions just fine, no issues. Get to the main screen, settings, etc. Put the sim card back in and i cant do anything because ":activation required" image2.JPGimage1.JPGNow I am stuck! I have no idea where to go from here, as I cant afford to lose money on a phone I cant use. Has anyone had this issue before??

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Re: Iphone 5s wont activate
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jmking82, Let's get her phone activated. Has this issue been resolved yet? How did you get the phone? Does this phone have any physical or liquid damage?


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