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Iphone 8 & Samsung Network Extender

I have had this Samsung Network extender in my house for about 8 years maybe.  Haven't had a problem.  I live in the mountains and don't get a good cell tower signal.  My iPhone 8 all of a sudden - maybe since last update, not sure- decided it wasn't going to connect to the extender.  I've taken it out where there is a cell tower signal, at my phone works.  Right now when I'm at home, I can send and receive texts but cannot make or receive phone calls.  I've talked to tech support and yesterday they did a trouble ticket and tried for several minutes to diagnose the problem.  I did'n't know then I could connect to a cell tower some drive away though.  Anybody else experience this?  My wife's iPhone 5 works fine now with the network extender.  Weird huh?

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Re: Iphone 8 & Samsung Network Extender
Customer Support

Hello Brad, thank you for contacting us. We know the importance of being able to make and receive calls, especially when at home, and we're here to help. Sometimes settings can change during software updates. Since your wife's iPhone 5 is able to connect to the network extender, your iPhone 8 needs to have advanced calling disable. Please use the following guide to make sure your LTE is set to data only, not voice and data:  Once your LTE is set to data only, turn off your phone, then back on and test. Let us know if you're able to connect to the network extender after following these steps. 


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Re: Iphone 8 & Samsung Network Extender

maybe the extender died.