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Iphone on Cruise Ship

I have a IPhone 4 CDMA Model A1349.  I am going on a cruise in two days.  I called to set up roaming while on board the ship.  Verizon said the Iphone 4 I have does not have international roaming and will not work.  I see several forums from the web saying it will work on the boat.  I am not looking to roam while off the ship.  Do I need international roaming while on the boat?  Anybody else have this problem?  Thanks.

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Re: Iphone on Cruise Ship

What WILL possibly work on the ship is WiFi, but there may be a charge the ship imposes to use their WiFi capabilities and may be quite significant. Have you checked with your cruise line/travel agent to determine what is providee. They would more likely be able to provide this kind of information, especially since we have no idea what cruise line you are using.

Re: Iphone on Cruise Ship
Champion - Level 3

This depends on where your cruise is going. It will work if you go somewhere that VZW service is provided (such as Puerto Rico), but otherwise you will need a global device. As mentioned, it's possible that you can have wifi access on the boat but you need to check with the cruise line to see what is offered and any cost associated with it.

Re: Iphone on Cruise Ship
Contributor - Level 1

I've heard that a few cruise ships companies work with a few wireless companies and provide signal for you while youre on the ship at no extra charge, if not, use wifi on the ship, it probably has it since were in a world that no internet means no life, get a free app called talkatone and it allows you to use your google voice to make free calls over wifi or 3G.

Re: Iphone on Cruise Ship
Verizon Employee

Hi rrmuphy88,

I understand you may be enjoying your cruise by now; however, I'd like to provide a link for you and all members that have replied to you as it may benefit anyone planning a trip in the future. Next time you plan a cruise or any international trip please visit our Trip Planner Webpage and by entering some basic information about your trip you will be able to determine if your phone will work and the calling rates for the places you visit.


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