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Issues with iPhone 6 Plus Shipping email

I ordered two iPhone 6 Pluses (128 gold & grey) on October 17th. I am not going to sing the same song about how upset I am that shipping has been delayed twice. That is the cost of wanting the newest and best toy on the block. But what I am concerned about is the latest email I received from Verizon. It said I had an order for four phones instead of the two I ordered (2 of each instead of 1). I called customer service and the agent said that she was only seeing two phones ordered. So why is there an order for four total phones? And if that is the case, am I going to be charged for something I never ordered?

And now my public service announcement to Verizon. Offering me a $10 gift card is a real slap in the face. Offer me nothing or make me a real gesture. And stop throwing dates out every three weeks. Either you're going to have the phone or not. But this constant moving shipping dates back every three weeks is getting tiresome.

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