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Lost iphone 4

So this weekend I lost my iphone while out.  I was not using my phone and think it may have fallen out of my bag or out of my car.  Unfortunately the phone is dead so I can not use the cloud tracker however, I wanted to know if there is anyway to see where I last used it to see where it may be? Also is there any way to see if someone has taken the phone and reactivated it for there own use? I'd really appreciate any help since its still expensive with insurance to replace.

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Re: Lost iphone 4
Super User
Super User

You can check your online call/text records to see who you last contacted - that may help you figure out where you last used it. You can suspend your line so the phone will not work,  and I would also call Verizon and report it lost so that no one else can activate it for their use.

The sooner you report it, the less you will be liable for anyone using it between when you lost it and now.  You can check the activity on line to see if it has been used since you lost it.

Yes, it will still cost $$ to replace it with insurance, but much less than a new phone would cost you.