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Manhattan LTE Blues

The only way those of us who live and/or work in Manhattan will persuade Verizon to issue a statement about the deterioration of the network here is to to continue sharing our experiences with the hope that the media will pick up on it.

I have three devices on Verizon — iPhone 5s and two iPad minis. All three get about 2 Mbps down and practically nothing up using the SpeedTest app. It's not the devices. It's not the SIM card. Again, we're talking about three devices.

A year ago, my iPhone 5 and the same two iPad minis were getting 20 Mbps up and down. It was especially good after Sandy because Verizon added a much needed new transmitter near Battery Park (the Verizon crew working there must have realized that the area was a dead zone). I was so happy that I had switched away from AT&T.

Just one year later, the Manhattan Verizon network has become like AT&T in 2010. And I hear that AT&T speeds in Manhattan are great nowadays. A total role reversal.

I don't have a problems with the growing pains. I have a problem with Verizon's silence. Translation — the silence of the leadership.

Like many of you, I have called Verizon, but the front line people have no power. They all agree that the problem is not with my three devices and promise they'll send my complaint about the lack of LTE speeds and sometimes lack of any service at all up the chain of command. And then nothing happens.

Verizon, can you give us a roadmap for Manhattan? If not, I'll probably switch carriers when I replace my iPad minis with the new retina models in the next few weeks.

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