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Missing text messages

i am missing text messages sent to me, despite their being shown as delivered,

i have received messages from the senders in the past, and have just received another one from one sender.  there seems to have been a period when Verizon did not deliver.

despite both the sender and me being on iOS/iphone5s, when the sender tries to text me they are told it must be sent as a text message, not Apple's iMessage.

how do i troubleshoot the issue?

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Re: Missing text messages
Master - Level 1

Do you both have iMessage enabled?
Do you both have your phone numbers associated with iMessage? Is the checkmark checked in the settings?

Are you both receiving a strong cellular data or WiFi (connected to the internet) signal?

Have you tried a hard reset of the phone?
Have you tried resetting the Network Settings in the iPhone settings?

Re: Missing text messages
Customer Service Rep

Let's get your messages flowing rbelew! Please provide answers to all questions posted by ttipgem (thanks!), as this will help us get to the bottom of the issue. Additionally, I would recommend that the sender of the iMessage ensures that he/she has a solid data connection as iMessages are transported by Apple servers and when it fails, regular text messages take over to transport the message. Follow the steps at this link to reset network settings and test.

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