My Data Usage and LACK of sufficient updates

I am so frustrated with this company and with this iPhone right now. First, I wasn't advised that I should turn my wifi on in order to save my data (probably so that they could make more money). So, within the first three days of getting my phone I used 75% of my months data. Then, a week later I checked to see how much I have used (even though I am using wifi so it shouldn't be much) and it could only give me an update from the 3rd! Today is the 8th! I want a minute by minute update of how much data I use. Is this not possible?? I'm starting to regret switching to the iPhone, it's doing more harm than good at this point. Verizon is not helping either with their lack of forewarnings and I bet that's to make more money off of the customer's ignorance too.

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