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No shipping information or order info?

I have ordered about 5 iPhone 4S's on Sunday around 12-1 PM EST. When I finished ordering (the tab said 'order confirmation' I believe, but it did say that I could print out the page, although I did not) the iPhone's, I thought that I'd at least get an e-mail notification saying that my order got processed through, or perhaps an e-mail that would tell my order number so I can track it.

I haven't received anything since I've ordered it, I can't check if my order even went through, I am just concerned if whether or not I just got jipped or I'm wasting my time waiting because I really want to receive my iPhone's for my family and I.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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Re: No shipping information or order info?

I think you only get confirmation of order when shipped to my understanding like a day after you order them.

The only way to confirm is by calling *611 and asking on the lines that you upgraded on if the upgrade is on hold. If its on hold that means there is a pending new upgrade that was bought.

The last time I ordered an upgrade online it took a day or days for the online ordering department to notate on the account an order done. That's why I Said in the first sentence the only way to know is confirm the upgrade was used by seeing if it's pending.

Once you order something useing an upgrade no matter how long it takes to get your package it has to hold that upgrade so you can upgrade twice on the same line.