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Poor service

I have 1-2 bars only on my phone in my home.   What can be done to help coverage?  Verizon has done nothing. 

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Re: Poor service
Super User
Super User

Does the signal improve when you are outside of your home? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Poor service

@Dancarl wrote:

I have 1-2 bars only on my phone in my home.   What can be done to help coverage?  Verizon has done nothing. 

Buildings often block signal.  Use your home Wifi and turn on Wifi calling, verify your 911 address.    
Your expectation that Verizon can do something is wrong.   It is 100% on the customer to select a service that works for them.   Verizon, or any carrier, is not responsible to provide signal everywhere.  But Verizon does provide Wifi calling with compatible phones.  
You can also pay off phones and go to another carrier that covers you better. 

Re: Poor service
Customer Support

My phone is my lifeline, I rely on it all day long. I'm sorry to learn of any issues in using our services, and I'm determined to assist you with a resolution today. Tell me, when did this begin? May I have the nearest intersection and zip code? Having 1-2 bars is okay if you are not having service concerns. If you then tell me more about what type of service issues you are having.